New Hope for District 52


The opioid epidemic is ripping our families apart. It’s time to take this crisis seriously. We have a plan to end the epidemic and break the stigma of addiction.


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Gun safety is extremely important – it protects our children from harm and keeps our community safer. Studies show gun locks decrease suicide rates. New gun sales come with a gun lock, but used or private sales do not.

We’re giving away 200 gun locks to registered voters in District 52 from now until November 1, 2018. Sign up below and help protect your loved ones.


Dedicated to the people.

My main promise as your State Senator is to put our community first.

My top priorities are to make sure the government is accountable and transparent, create economic opportunity for all, end the drug overdose epidemic, increase wages for the working class, legalize medical cannabis, and fix the foster care system.

These issues directly impact my family and my neighbors. I’m going to the Gold Dome to fight for them, and I’ll fight for you as well.

Take a look around to learn more about these issues and how to get involved with our campaign.

New Hope for District 52 begins today!

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